Sunday in Advance is an online devotional resource provided by the worship ministry of LifePoint Church. Through weekly meditations, Sunday In Advance is designed to help LifePoint make the most of the Lord’s Day by equipping readers to glorify God, magnify the Gospel, and edify the church in life together.

“Gathered worship for the church serves as so much more than a meeting we ought to attend. The New Testament is clear that God wants to manifest His presence among His people when we gather. Life, though, often places such demand on us that we think little about Sunday until we arrive. Sunday in Advance is a weekly devotional resource to cultivate your heart in preparation for meeting with God in gathered worship. I encourage you to use this resource each week to prepare to meet with God, and cultivating a sense of expectation and anticipation of what God desires to do in us as we meet with and worship Him.”
Lane Harrison, Lead Pastor, LifePoint Church

“I have always loved corporate worship on Sunday mornings, but just learned in the past few years it is something we need to prepare our hearts for! It’s easy to fall into a routine of crawling out of bed, getting ourselves ready, and showing up on a Sunday morning with no thought as to why we are showing up, or who we are showing up for. Sunday in Advance plays a big role in preparing my heart each week to come before a Holy, merciful, and gracious God, and worship Him wholeheartedly amidst fellow believers.”
Lori O’Dell, covenant member of LifePoint Church

“Too often I lazily stroll in, or haphazardly run into our Sunday gathering. To be completely honest, I have a tendency to loiter in the gathering, rather than fully engage God’s people and His presence. The Lord has given us a gift to help guard against this awful habit: Sunday in Advance. This resource helps us cultivate our hearts, prepare the sacrifice, and plead that God would send the fires of revival upon his people. Take and read! Come and worship!”
Nathan Shaver, former LifePoint Church Planter in Residence and Lead Pastor of Christ Community Church in Speedway, IN

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